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19-21 OCTOBER 2011

VENUE: Collegio Carlo Alberto, Moncalieri

Co-Organized by:

  • Doctoral School in Sociology & Doctoral School in Political Sciences (University of Turin)
  • Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences (University of Milan)
  • Collegio Carlo Alberto (Moncalieri, Torino)

with the support of: Compagnia di San Paolo and ECSR

Organizing Committee:
Carmen Belloni (Univ. Torino), Antonio M. Chiesi (Univ. Milano), Tiziana Nazio (Univ. Torino & Collegio Carlo Alberto), Nicola Negri (Univ. Torino), Chris Whelan (ECSR and Univ. College Dublin)

Positive and, especially, negative economic growth as well as new post-industrial configurations of social risks can show remarkably different effects on individuals’ life courses depending on the institutional frameworks that filter these effects and shield particular groups, while redirecting such risks to selected social cohorts. Advanced societies are thus confronted with the emergence of a new stratification of risk profiles and life chances. In this Workshop participants will present and discuss with prominent scholars their most recent empirical work on emerging risks and social inequalities in the fields of labour market and life chances along class, gender, ethnicity and cohort lines.

The international Workshop is devoted to PhD students and young researchers.

The organization of the Workshop is centred around two daily sessions: a lecture on the state of the art of a given topic, given by a scholar of international standing and a discussion among participants; a second session, chaired by the same scholar, in which participants present and discuss their papers related to the topic. The second session will further benefit from the contribution of another scholar, expert in the field.

The international Workshop lasts three days. Applications should be addressed to Dr. Cornelia Lawson ( workshop.dss@unito.it) by August 30th. Participants are asked to present a paper and will be selected according to:

1. the quality of their paper abstract (up to 500 words);
2. a description of their PhD project (no more than 2-3 pages), comprising of the key question - theoretical importance and relevance; the methodology employed and the hypotheses explored; any initial findings and how these relate to the theoretical questions;
3. a brief CV (one page).

Notice of acceptance will be given by September 6th. Up to 20 participants will be admitted. The workshop fee is 100 euro, which covers access to the workshop, coffee-breaks and lunches, and accommodation in Turin. Contributions to travel expenses are available for candidates from countries of cat. B and C of ISA.

Invited speakers:

Prof. John H. Goldthorpe (Nuffield College, University of Oxford, UK) - Multidimensionality in the structuring of social inequality
Prof. Alejandro Portes (Princeton University, USA) - Ethnic inequalities
Prof. Jacqueline O’Reilly (Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, UK) - Labour Market transitions: gender & risk




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